Currently, if a user is attempting to OAuth with Google/Gmail they will see a warning screen from Google which can be bypassed easily. We will be able to resolve this in the future once we have enough people using our application with OAuth.

However, GSuite users have an additional option to bypass this warning throughout their organization which means every user won't see the warning. A Gsuite Admin can authorize EAP to be a trusted application. We are going to explore that here:

1. Go to the GSuite admin screen and select 'API controls' under security:

2. Select third-party app access and see if Email Archiver Pro 4 is listed. Make sure the access is 'Limited' or 'Trusted'.

3. If you don't find EAP in the list then click on configure the new app.

4. Enter the OAuth client ID as ''

5. Now select the app as 'Trusted'

Google help page on this: